• Meet Nature

    On foot, on horseback, by bike or by quad? Beautiful paths wind through the countryside of menfi

  • Meet Culture

    Here in the Belice Valley there are no museums of international renown (this is actually a lie!) But the artists who have passed through here have left their testimonies.

  • Meet Ceramics

    And have you ever entered a laboratory with the master potters? Shape the ceramic, color it and take it with you when you return home?

  • Meet Food

    Arancine? Cannoli? Fresh pasta? What would you like to cook?

  • Meet Olive Oil

    Meet Sicily has created the opportunity for you to get to know the art of mills, admire and capture centuries-old trees and get to know olive oil closely

  • Meet Fish

    Have you ever waited for the boatsat the pier  and met the fishermen after returning from fishing?