Experience in Sambuca di Sicilia

Visits to a winery and to  a dairy in Sambuca di Sicilia  but also to a pastry  shop where you can learn how to make the “minni di virgini” or” cannoli” of the Sicilian Borgo dei Borghi.  These are the main activities of experiential tourism in Sambuca di Sicilia, an ancient place full of history and culture with artists and people from  all over the world who have  made it  their home by creating a mix of cultures and  integration stories between the history of the ancient city  of Zabut  that looks to the future and the Sicilian welcome.


In this town located on the shores of Lake Arancio and in this area of western Sicily between Heraclea and Selinùs, between land and sea, Meet Sicily organizes its initiatives and tells its stories to be lived  together.


See you soon!