Meet Olive Oil

If there is a problem when you cook, add the olive oil”  to Menfi, in Sicily. The oil for its properties has also been called “yellow gold” and is the key element of the Mediterranean diet.

The olives are harvested every year from October to November, and Sicilian farmers pass from the grape harvest which begins at the end of July to the olive harvest. Taking part in the harvest, bringing them to the mill and then tasting the freshly pressed oil together with the “pane cunzato” is a unique experience to spend a day immersed in nature.

Meet Sicily has created the opportunity for you to learn about the art of milling, admire and capture many centuries-old trees and get to know olive oil closely. Giuseppe, a passionate olive grower, will teach you to recognize the extra virgin olive oils of the area, its uses in the kitchen and to appreciate its beneficial properties.

Biancolilla, Cerasuola or Nocellara del Belice? Which do you prefer?