Experiential tourism

We are do ingnothing new, we are living Sicily and its territory, walking the places that preserve the charm of the countryside that take us back thousands of years, when in these lands the cult of the mother goddess who personified the Earth taught us to cultivate it. We are working with our hands to make things happen in Sicily, to create emotions and experiences to live, to involve not only those guests who are justpassing through but also thosewho have always lived here and have not noticed the beauty and uniqueness of the place where they live. Here, you can pick up oranges, artichokes, wild asparagus, officinal herbs and “babbaluci”(snails). The harvest is a collective and engaging ritual; people  make wine,produce olive  oil and the vastedda cheese, cultivate buckwheat and shear the sheep.The countryside offers its colours all the year, the view of the horizon at sunset from the gentle hills sloping down towards the sea, andincomparablecontemplations and emotions; the crops follow the seasons and the animals live well in respect of everything around them; the coast alternates white pebblebeaches to sandy dunes; here, next to the Greek Selinunte, myths and legends have a corner of undeniable charm
Ours is a travel diary to be filled day after day, experience after experience, stories to be lived  and written together … let’s meet up!