Meet Fish

Have you ever waited for the boatsat the pier  and met the fishermen after returning from fishing? With MeetSicily you can meet them and buy fresh fish taking part in the traditional auction on the harbor, where the barker will get you involved until you buy the best local fish. Then we could cook it together, perhaps after asking the fishermen’s wives for  some special recipes
But MeetFish is not just that. We can go fishing together in the crystal clear waters of the “African” sea of ​​Menfi or go for a boat ride followed by dolphins in the wide gulf between Capo Granitola and Capo S. Marco .

We will skirt the coast and admire the Greek temples of Selinunte, the  oriented nature reserve  of themouth of the Belìce river,  the anti corsair tower of Porto Palo and the beauty of a variegated and still wild coastal environment.
And why not taking part in a cooking class with freshly caught fish? We can’t wait to organize your experiences in this special corner of Sicily!