We are Sicilian

The Universe makes sense only when we have someone to share our emotions with”.

Let us take Paulo Coelho’s words to narrate Meet Sicily. An idea born of passion and love for our Sicily and that made us leave Milan, Bologna, Padua and Venice to come back to our Menfi, our uncomparable universe, and do our best  to share it with you.

Tourists, travelers, guests, curious people, lovers of our land … MeetSicily wants you to contaminate and enjoy experiences together with us here, where the great mass tourism has not arrived yet (fortunately)and where  it is possible to know this ancient island and thousand nuancesmake it up .
Who we are? We are Sicilians … with the essence and character of Sicilians who love traditions and innovations! We left our land, first for study and then for work … but we didn’t waste time coming back!
This is our place in the world, we want to live here and we would like others to follow our example too,by choice, with the belief that in a land where the sun goes on shining 300 days a year there is room for everybody. We must choose our own.
At MeetSicily’s we’ve  found it. Let’s meet here, in this exclusive place,where a harmonious contrast between sea and land reigns, we will involve you to have experiences and make you live the way we do. We live in a particular territory that is a crossing of history  paths, traditions and hidden vocations, the most “African” placein the island and the most “Sicilian” placein Sicily, but we like to move a lot, to meet people, we love whatever around us … we are waiting for you !