• Meet Nature

    On foot, on horseback, by bike or by quad? Beautiful paths wind through the countryside of menfi

  • Meet Culture

    Here in the Belice Valley there are no museums of international renown (this is actually a lie!) But the artists who have passed through here have left their testimonies.

  • Meet Ceramics

    And have you ever entered a laboratory with the master potters? Shape the ceramic, color it and take it with you when you return home?

  • Meet Food

    Arancine? Cannoli? Fresh pasta? What would you like to cook?

  • Meet Olive Oil

    Meet Sicily has created the opportunity for you to get to know the art of mills, admire and capture centuries-old trees and get to know olive oil closely

  • Meet Wine

    Meet Sicily will open the doors of the most famous wineries, will accompany you in the vineyards during the harvest and will make you taste the best wines of the territory