• Meet Fish

    Have you ever waited for the boatsat the pier  and met the fishermen after returning from fishing?

  • Meet Culture

    Here in the Belice Valley there are no museums of international renown (this is actually a lie!) But the artists who have passed through here have left their testimonies.

  • Cooking class

    Arancine, home-made pasta, cannoli … Menfi! Sicilian food tells of ancient times that have not been lost over time. Traditional food follows the seasons,( the products of the land and the sea) and a holiday on the island is not…

  • Experience in Sambuca di Sicilia

    Visits to a winery and to  a dairy in Sambuca di Sicilia  but also to a pastry  shop where you can learn how to make the “minni di virgini” or” cannoli” of the Sicilian Borgo dei Borghi.  These are the…

  • Discover Menfi on foot or by bike!

    On foot or by bike? Beautiful paths wind through the countryside among Menfi’shills and in its mysterious valleysrich in caves and ravinesthat reveal archaic beauties. You just have to choose how to discover them … we will be happy to take…

  • The queen’s bowl in Menfi

    It is telling that the daughter of the Emir loved to dive, naked and in the moonlight, in this small beach hidden behind the harbor